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What is TRT Producer?

TRT Producer is a PC and MAC multimedia management software centralizing all the accounting operations necessary to carry out your production projects for television, cinema or theater.
Developed with the close collaboration of producers and their production accountants, it is specifically adapted to the needs of the industry in order to offer you a simple and user-friendly, but comprehensive accounting platform.

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TRT Producer  offers you a range of features aimed at facilitating the management of your production costs:

  • Easily manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Manage your purchases and disbursements as well as your sales and receipts

  • Adjust or transfer your inventories

  • Simplify the management of your employees' payrolls and timesheets

  • Manage, modify or merge multiple projects

  • Generate automatic reports

  • Automate the calculation of your taxes and other fees

  • And more!

All these features are centralized in a single multimedia management software, not to mention its simple interface optimized for the user experience.


Detailed production cost management

With TRT Producer, adjust and annotate your budget forecasts in real time. Our accounting management software for producers brings your production costs together in one place, even supporting multiple projects simultaneously for optimal management.

Accounting operations specific to the multimedia industry

Manage the payrolls of unions (AQTIS, UDA, UDA extras, ACTRA, SARTEC, ARRQ, WGC, La guilde des musicians, CQGCR-DG, DGC, SPACQ, APASQ, UDAVO), it no longer has to be a heist -head!
TRT Producer calculates union payrolls for you with individual spreadsheets, in addition to standard payrolls. You can also break down all the expenses related to your payroll by production or by budget item.
Finally, with TRT Producer, all your contracts are centralized in a single multimedia project management platform and easy to consult at all times.

Simplified monitoring in the form of automatic reports

TRT Producer automatically generates for you all the reports necessary for optimal monitoring of your budget:

  • The standard production cost report and your cash budget, multiprojects according to Telefilm Canada's structure

  • Your SODEC and BCPAC report exportable in Excel format

  • The workforce report eligible for the tax credit

In addition to these reports specific to multimedia projects, you also have access to a multitude of other automatic reports, such as:

  • Balance sheets and income statements by project

  • Budget reports and historical analyzes

  • Purchase and sales reports

  • GST and QST reports


“Here is software that will make you love accounting. TRT is software that looks like a New Beetle with a Porche 911 engine. More precisely from the outside it looks like Simply Accounting and MYOB but once you have read all the little refinements this is the only comparison that can be made. It's simple TRT sidesteps all the restrictions, pitfalls and frustrations that accounting for financial transactions can entail. TRT is an efficient and user-friendly accounting management tool. TRT is a complete and efficient work tool and it does the work in French. "

A. Blot, CGA

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