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The essential module to manage individual trips

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Exagohn is a tourism management tool for individual travelers specially designed for wholesalers. The module integrated into the Mercantour tourist software allows you to centralize all the information necessary for the success of your business. Manage your services, packages, inventories and reservations in one place, while facilitating the processing of your accounting information, all on the same platform.

Manage your inventories efficiently

As a travel wholesaler, you have to deal with all kinds of services. Thanks to Exagohn's automatic reports, simplify your daily activities, from managing your selling prices by service to monitoring your allotments and availability.
Moreover, thanks to its integration with TRT Mercantour, Exagohn constitutes an ideal database for a simple and exhaustive accounting management of your activities.

Manage your purchase and sales taxes automatically

Exagohn allows you to automate the calculation of your tariffs by considering the prices of your services and supplements, the margins, the exchange rates and the taxes in force. These taxes are also adjustable according to the place of origin or the destination of your customers, and the necessary reductions or refunds are calculated automatically, allowing you to offer your customers competitive selling prices.

Simplify your daily operations

Exagohn allows you to simplify the process of closing sales with personalized shopping carts and a powerful search engine making the information needed to sell easily accessible. In addition, it allows you to automate all kinds of operations, such as reservations, invoicing, the creation of customizable vouchers and even the generation of your customers' itineraries.

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Discover Exagohn, the essential tool for managing individual travelers

Contact us today and get a free demonstration of Exagohn tourism management software!

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