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What you need


At MDM Monacoh, we are pleased to offer our customers consulting services. Our representatives are happy to answer your questions and enlighten you if you have any doubts or concerns regarding networking, office automation, new computer technologies, social media, search engines, and more.
Our consultants are also available to help you adapt our MDM software to your company’s specific operating model, if necessary!


Nothing brings us more pride than the satisfaction of a customer whose needs have been met. This is why we offer analysis services during which our advisers take the time to understand and define your needs in a complete and detailed manner.
Once your needs are perfectly targeted and assimilated, our experienced staff is responsible for designing the functional tools that will allow them to be adequately addressed.


At MDM Monacoh, progress does not sleep! Our software is constantly evolving in order to better meet our customers’ needs. At your request, we can also develop exclusive personalized tools for you or optimize certain existing functionalities in order to better adapt our offer to your needs.

Web services

Would you like to integrate certain functionalities into an existing application or website for your users?
We can help you design the right web services!


With our implementation service, MDM Monacoh takes care of all the stages our software’s implementation within your company. Assessment, installation on a Windows or Mac environment, migration of your data ... Our technicians take care of everything to ensure an easy and frictionless transition to your new management system.


Would you like to be able to use your new MDM software at its full potential? We offer training in content adapted to your needs to help you master your new management platforms. Choose to get your training remotely, within your company or in our offices for optimal flexibility!
Note that some training courses may be chargeable.

Technical support and customer service

At MDM Monacoh, you not only have access to guaranteed technical assistance in the event of a software or hardware problem, but also personalized assistance to help you with the use of our various tools when doubts arise.

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