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The module par excellence for managing group trips

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Group trips can quickly become a headache to manage without the right tourism management platform.The Cohtaxion tourism management module has been specially designed to meet the particular needs of tour operators and tour operators, with features such as .. .

Custom quotes

Cohtaxion allows you to create quotes for your group trips according to the number of people, the circuit, the dates, or even the prices contracted with your suppliers. These quotes are automatically converted into foreign currencies while taking into account freebies, margins, inflation, commissions paid to the agency and taxes. Finally, you can adjust your quotes to each customer and adjust the selling price to your needs before each shipment.

Precise management of tax ratios

Cohtaxion offers you the flexibility to adapt your sales taxes, ensuring that they are calculated more accurately. For example, you can reduce or refund a percentage of a purchase or sales tax, depending on the place of origin or even the place of destination of your customers.

Automated operations

Among the operations supported by Cohtaxion, several are automated: sending documents to suppliers, reservations, cancellations and updates and even translation. The tourist management software also allows you to create and print personalized vouchers, guided itineraries or hotel lists, among others.

Integrated billing system

Make your life easier: you can invoice your customers directly on Cohtaxion, then process your accounting data on our TRT Mercantour accounting software.

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Ready to manage your group trips with Cohtaxion?

Find out how you can simplify the management of your most complex operations: request your free demo today!

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