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All-in-one travel agency management software

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What is TRT Agent?

MDM Monacoh offers travel agencies simple accounting software adapted to their reality. TRT Agent is a travel agency management solution that includes all the features you may need to optimize your daily operations, from billing your customers to paying your employees.
But TRT Agent does not stop there: the tourism industry has specific needs, which require unique functionality. Access a billing system per individual, per group or even per company, manage several agencies or branches on the same platform, generate automatic reports, and more with TRT Agent!
Intrigued? Discover the features of TRT Agent.

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Why choose TRT Agent travel agency billing software?

In addition to its basic accounting functionalities, TRT Agent adapts to the tourism industry in order to facilitate the management of travel agencies:

Manage your customer accounts with ease

TRT Agent allows you to manage your customer information in one place, quickly and securely. To do this, you have access to multiple features:

  • Billing of individual customers, a company or a group

  • Cancellation or modification of invoices

  • History of file transactions

  • Management of multi-product itineraries for a specific file or invoice

  • Customer payment management

  • Display of sales, receipts, purchases, disbursements and commission returns

  • Generation of summary documents for clients

  • Insertion of attachments in the customer file (emails, invoices or others)

  • Multi-currency transactions and conversions

Automatic reports in just a few clicks

TRT facilitates the creation of all kinds of reports essential to the evolution of your activities. With TRT, you can automatically generate your…

  • Purchasing reports by supplier, product and more

  • Trust account reports by branch

  • FICAV discount reports

  • Account statements - Bank deposits

  • Revenue reports

  • Payable and receivable supplier reports

  • Profitability reports

  • Commission reports for agents

  • Reports of files belonging to a group of travelers

  • Customer payment due reports

  • Sales and profit reports by agent, branch, product and customer

  • Tax remission reports

IIn addition, you can export all of your data in a handy summary table in just a few clicks!

TRT Agent: more than simple accounting software

TRT Agent offers you all kinds of essential accounting tools allowing you to accomplish the necessary tasks for your activities. These features include:

  • Management of accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Management of purchases, sales, disbursements and receipts

  • Management of discounts and deposits

  • Adjustment and inventory transfers

  • Payroll and timesheet management

  • Account-to-account transfers

  • Merging accounts and projects

  • Automatic generation of custom reports and forms

  • Importing data from Accpac Simply Accounting and other software

  • Managing the general journal and the ledger

  • Definition of sales prices and taxes

  • Automatic calculation of administrative costs

  • History of purchases and disbursements by product

  • The creation of post-dated checks, bank reconciliation and deposit management

  • Sending invoices and other documents by email

  • Customizable automatic reminders

Immerse yourself in TRT Agent and its features


"  The main motivation to change systems was to be able to use an open application in order to interconnect and freely adapt to future technological change..
For a travel agency, it is not easy to decide to change and implement a new invoicing and accounting system and in the case of MDM Monacoh with their 'TRT Agent' software, they gave a flawless service to assist with the transition and training while continuing to improve their product..
TRT Agent has really useful functionalities in order to be more efficient and works with an accounting convention by billing date which is the norm, unlike other software which also caused end of year problems, I recommend it.  "

R. Turcotte, Voyages Hone

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