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The merger of online sales and accounting

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Fusioh  precisely allows you to create a link between web applications, to the TRTO accounting system and to interpret the data. Find out how  Fusioh  will simplify your online sales and your accounting!

What is Fusioh?

Fusioh, is a gateway that allows communication between several applications specializing in travel. It specifically allows you to create a link between web applications to the TRTO accounting system and to interpret the data.

The files are thus centralized in Fusioh which manages sales, purchases, receipts as well as invoicing in an automated manner.

What does Fusioh manage?

This gateway allows you to manage agencies, customers and suppliers.

The objective is to have control over agency commissioning, supplier currencies, payment methods, accounting links as well as languages and billing details.

Fusioh also provides access to customer files which include all information from online reservation platforms, such as passenger names, services, payments received, confirmation numbers and others.

This information is used to make deposits to suppliers, export purchases, sales (invoicing) and receipts.

Fusioh therefore makes it possible to transmit the necessary data to TRTO, to associate them with the right customers and the right suppliers and to obtain simplified accounting.

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