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The group management software and  FIT  for tour operators

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Are you a tour operator (tour operators, wholesalers) looking for the ideal all-in-one tool to manage your daily activities, your customer files and your accounts in a simple, secure and efficient way?
Discover the Mercantour tourism management software, specially designed for incoming and outgoing tour operators.

What is Mercantour?

Mercantour is the generic name used by MDM Monacoh to define its software package (or its ERP) which also includes  Cohtaxion,  Exagohn , GSC ,  Fusioh and TRTO .
It manages group and individual packages, calculates quotes and invoices, sets prices and monitors inventories with precision, GSC communicates effectively with suppliers, Fusioh with external booking sites and TRTO accurately generates accounting data.

  • Cohtaxion the group software and Exagohn the FIT software  manage  suppliers, products, periods, quotes, packages, inventories, reservations, customers, invoices, prices on the same Mercantour database.

  • GSC , a powerful communication tool that manages reservations and communications with suppliers, allows all reservation and modification movements to be recorded electronically on the same Mercantour database.  

  • Fusioh , a gateway for interpreting data from external web reservation systems, such as hotel, airline, car rental or other sites such as activities, precisely manages reservation movements and their prices in the same database. data  Mercantour.  

  • TRTO the accounting software of MDM Monacoh processes all operations and transactions in one place thanks to Mercantour.

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