TRT Mercantour

Additional accounting software

TRT Mercantour allows you to process data from the Cohtaxion, Exagohn and GSC modules in a single simple and user-friendly interface. These exhaustive accounting functionalities guarantee you an ideal management of your transactions:

Manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable | Manage your purchases, sales, disbursements and receipts, as well as discounts and deposits | Automatically calculate taxes and administrative fees | Easily adjust your inventories and make transfers | Manage payroll and timesheets | Automatically generate your custom reports and forms | And much more!


What are the advantages of the TRT Mercantour software for tour operators?

The tourism industry has special needs. This is why the Mercantour tourism software is specially designed to meet the specifics of operations specific to tour operators and incoming agencies.


A suitable transaction management system

As a tourism company, you can opt for various classifications of your transactions. TRT Mercantour allows you to process your income by customer departure date or by billing date, depending on your preferences.


Keep your accounting books up to date in accordance with OPC rules

TRT Mercantour allows you to import three crucial pieces of information into your accounting books:

  • 1. All amounts received from your customers, regardless of the payment method used
  • 2. Your disbursements made from your trust account
  • 3. The balance of your trust account, in total and for each customer


A single database and a universal interface

While our different modules offer you various essential options such as the management of your payable and receivable accounts, the automatic calculation of taxes and the automatic generation of your reports, all this data can be processed on a single easy-to-use interface by our TRT Mercantour accounting software.


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