Your turnkey SME management software

The accounting management of small to medium-sized businesses is not to be taken lightly. The right tools can save you time, money and energy in significant amounts. This is also the mission that MDM gave itself by developing its accounting software for SMEs, TRT.


What is TRT PME?

TRT PME is the accounting software for SMEs developed by MDM. Comprehensive, this billing software suitable for small to medium-sized businesses is full of essential features for your accounting’s effective management.

The basic functionalities of MDM's accounting software for SMEs

Thanks to TRT PME, it has never been easier to manage your customer and supplier accounts, your purchases, disbursements, sales and receipts, your inventories or even your pay.

But our basic functionality doesn't stop there! TRT PME also allows you, among other things, to generate custom reports and forms automatically in a few clicks, to organize your costs by activity or by project, or to manage your employees’ timesheets. All in a single platform!


What are the advantages of TRT PME accounting software?

Developed to help SMEs like yours to grow and develop, TRT PME is full of tools specifically adapted to your reality. Thus, its advantages are numerous:


Ease of use

Our accounting software for SMEs is designed to optimize your operations and maximize your time savings. This is why TRT PME has no shortage of shortcuts and unique options aimed at simplifying your user experience. Whether it's repetitive entries or fast document printing, our platform is fully optimized for quick and easy use, anytime.


Generate automatic reports in a few clicks

With TRT PME, creating your reports has never been easier. Our management software for SMEs automatically generates for you all kinds of tailor-made reports such as:

Comparative reports, by department or by project. | Comparative income statements, | Budget and historical analyzes and reports | Sales reports by customer, by article, by representative or by period | Purchase reports by supplier or by article | Ledger reviews | GST and QST reports | Project reports | And much more!


Simplified payroll management

Our SME accounting software simplifies payroll management without sacrificing the range of HRM tools available to you. Whether it's tip management, manual pay, cash advances or vacation pay, TRT PME centralizes all these operations in a single easy-to-use interface.

But it doesn't end there! Save significant time with clever features, such as quickly editing multiple employee records in one step.

Finally, put an end to headaches with the simplified production of your T4, T4A, Relevé 1 and 3, paper and electronic, and DAS to pay.


A fully secure database

At MDM, nothing is more of a priority for us than ensuring the security of our customers' data. This is why TRT PME, as well as all of our accounting management software, are equipped with measures to protect your information.

Grant selective password-protected access to the software’s various functions, take advantage of tools for automatic and manual verification of the accuracy of the information recorded, save your data on a disk after each transaction, and more with TRT PME.


Outstanding customer service and resources at your fingertips

Doing business with MDM means surrounding yourself with a dedicated team that values listening and effective customer service. In addition, thanks to a contextual online help easily accessible from any of our platform’s screen, you can quickly consult a large library of solutions to the most common accounting problems in order to save you even more time and headache.


What do our TRT PME customers say?

Find out how TRT PME was able to satisfy our customers in these testimonials!


"(...) In addition, I greatly appreciate (the figures in the margin do not correspond in any way to an order of priority):

  • The ease of exporting my data to Excel for a personalized presentation;
  • The ease of modifying the models offered in order to have them in conformity with our needs;
  • The possibility of recording transactions by project is one of the major elements that made me choose TRT;
  • The partial entry, repetitive entry and post-dated cheques sections are most appreciated in view of the time savings they generate;
  • The ease of searching, among other things, by invoice #, by types of transactions between two given dates, etc. ",

- Denis Tardif


“TRT accounting software that gave me time for something other than accounting. I could not do without the repetitive entry function which is worth its weight in gold alone, the deposit manager ... A user-friendly and flexible interface which allows us to extract the maximum amount of information about our finances and which goes beyond date compilation since with each transaction, it tells us where we are, it is not possible to cheat with budgets. "

- Lise Bissonnette, Association des Stations de ski du Québec


Curious to learn more about our SME management software?

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