Medical office management software for orthodontists

Managing an orthodontic practice is a complex task. Are you adequately equipped to ensure your daily administrative activities’ smooth running?

At MDM, our mission is to design innovative management solutions to propel orthodontic clinics like yours in their growth. Facilitating all of your operations, from managing appointments to billing your patients, including managing your medical staff’s agendas, ORT is the all-in-one orthodontic software you are looking for!

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What is ORT orthodontic software?

ORT medical practice management software is specifically designed for orthodontic clinics. Combining a range of innovative technologies carefully developed by MDM as well as a simple and user-friendly interface, ORT allows you to carry out all of your practice’s management tasks in a single comprehensive software.


What are the advantages of medical practice management software for orthodontists?


The management of your medical staff, simplified

ORT allows you to simplify your human resources management activities through various essential functions.

Adapted to multi-doctor clinics, ORT medical office management software allows you to manage multiple agendas within a single platform, so that you can synchronize your medical staff’s schedules in no time.

Whether vacation or sick leave, all the information relating to your employees’ availability is available in one place and can be filtered by doctor or clinic.

The agenda options offered by ORT are numerous and versatile, as well as customizable as desired. In addition, any appointment entered into the agenda is automatically synchronized with the availability of the doctor in charge.


An efficient medical appointment system

The integrated appointment scheduling system in our orthodontic software is designed to optimize each element of the medical visit management process.

The user can record multiple appointments for the same patient, manage reminders automatically and easily record “no-shows”. With ORT, it is even the modification of appointments and the care of patients without appointment which are facilitated!


Powerful patient management software

Patient administrative management is at the heart of the success of an orthodontist clinic. ORT facilitates the organization of your patients' files and consolidates all of the necessary information for patient monitoring in one place.

Keep your patients’ consultation or examination reports, integrate photos, X-rays, diagnostics and plots in their files and manage these images efficiently thanks to our powerful patient management module.


An integrated medical billing system

Managing patient bills effectively is an essential step in running an orthodontic practice. This is why ORT is armed with all the billing, follow-ups and collection tools you need.

With ORT, centralize all of your administrative activities, including the design, editing and printing of your invoices.

In addition, thanks to its integration with MDM's powerful TRT accounting management tool, ORT allows you to record and process all of your transactions automatically in order to manage your clinic's accounting without headaches.


Supervise all of your clinics in one place

Do you have several orthodontic practices to manage? With ORT, you can supervise all of your clinics’ administrative activities on the same platform, without friction.


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ORT medical office management software has been designed through close cooperation with the orthodontic clinics we serve. Specifically developed to meet your specific needs and help you better serve your patients; ORT is the turnkey solution you are looking for.

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